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Ami's kōrero

I love breastfeeding and I really appreciate that people around me encouraged me not to give up. I feel so grateful to give birth and raise children in such a beautiful and supportive community.

Anais's kōrero

As I write this while my daughter is sick, I’m thankful for this journey allowing me to give her the best thing to help her through it all.

Becky's kōrero

The first few weeks were tough. I was adamant that I had a good latch but it still hurt a lot in the first week.

Bex's kōrero

Having to pump while I'm at work, or while he's with his other mum is quite tedious. He's 19 months now and I'd probably be ready to stop if he was, but he's still going hard.

Fernanda's kōrero

Raquel showed me different ways to breastfeed, she made me feel powerful and made me believe that no one knows more about my baby than I do. 

Ingrid's kōrero

I felt so disappointed, breastfeeding was one of the parts of motherhood I was really looking forward to, bonding with and nurturing a new life, that was what I wanted.

Jessie's kōrero

Here's to feeding our beautiful babies in whatever way is best for US, whether boobie, bottle or both!

Juliana's kōrero

At times, I feel tired of this routine.  But, in some moments, while he suckles, I look at him and I feel how big and important this bond is, this connection, I feel his affection and it’s so rewarding.

Laiza's kōrero

At the birthing centre I had all support from the midwives and my husband who was alongside me for the 4 endless days and night until Dylan could finally feed.

Lana's kōrero

I am so proud of myself. I persisted with the hardest thing of my life while my mental health really took a toll. Our breastfeeding journey isn’t over just yet but I will never take it for granted.

Madeline's kōrero

After a bit of a rough start with breastfeeding due to a psychologically traumatic birth, baby and I figured it out together and it became beautiful.