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Ko wai mātou / Who we are

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Te Puawaitanga ki Ōtautahi Trust is a kaupapa Māori community-based organisation. It was founded in 2005 and is committed to upholding Te Tiriti o Waitangi in promoting whānau ora (wellbeing) for all, with a particular focus for whānau Māori. Our whakapapa is rooted in the vision and mahi of Dame Aroha Reriti-Crofts, of Ngāi Tūāhuriri, and the Ōtautahi branch of the Māori Women’s Welfare League who established the Trust to enhance the health and wellbeing of wāhine Māori and their whānau. Me aro koe ki te hā o Hineahuone, pay heed to the dignity of women.

Delivering health, education, justice, and social services to whānau in the Waitaha Canterbury rohe, we work with whānau across the lifespan – from pregnancy through to end of life – as they navigate all aspects of their health and wellbeing. In addition to supporting māmā hapū and whānau in the early years of parenting, drawing on the mātauranga of our tīpuna, we also assist whānau who have physical illness (such as chronic disease), mental health and addiction challenges, and support those who are seeking to fulfil their cultural and spiritual aspirations.

The Trust’s values underpin our kaupapa Māori framework and whānau ora approach which are founded on tikanga and mātauranga Māori. All kaimahi are committed to ensuring whānau have the space and opportunity to express their mana motuhake self-determination and achieve their aspirations through access to culturally safe and responsive support. We honour diversity and respect the dignity and rights of everyone. Holistic support is whānau-centric, with the wellbeing of tamariki paramount to everything we do.

Our kaimahi are dedicated professionals who strive for excellence in all aspects of their work. Practice is inclusive, evidenced-based, current, and informed by a range of Māori models of health and wellbeing. As a Trust, we are committed to addressing the continued inequities that plague our whānau and have a deep understanding of the ongoing effects of colonisation and trauma. Our vision for safe, healthy, stable, and connected whānau securing positive futures for all generations positions us to advocate for intergenerational change. We will continue to challenge the systems and policies that have hindered whānau ora for many generations mō tātou a mō ngā uri a muri ake nei, for us and for those who will come after us.

Positive Futures for All Generations

Within the rohe of Waitaha Canterbury, the Trust is committed to securing positive futures for all generations. Our rohe is reflected in the landscape, with our braided awa, Waimakariri, flowing from Maukatere, the maunga, across Kā Pākihi Whakatekateka a Waitaha, the Canterbury Plains. The flora and fauna of our rohe, represented by the pūkeko, harakeke, raupō, and horoeka, also illustrate the different make-up of whānau and intergenerational living. The mōkihi, rafts constructed from raupō and harakeke, were used by our tīpuna for navigating waterways across Te Waipounamu, and reflect the resourcefulness of our people.

Working collaboratively, our kaimahi support whānau to negotiate life’s challenges such as the boulders in the awa and to navigate their own journeys. Whānau are supported to design solutions to fulfil their dreams and aspirations and to share their learning with others, shown through the weaving of the awa and the construction of the mōkihi by the māmā hapū.

Many of our practices draw on tikanga and mātauranga Māori. These are represented by the three kete of knowledge brought down by Tāne, Pōua passing on knowledge to his moko, and Te Pae Māhutonga Southern Cross, our tīpuna that guide us. Whakapapa, pūrākau, and whānau aspirations are shared with pēpi through the singing of oriori and the playing of taonga puoro.

Whānau ora is central to our vision, with whānau of all ages supported and the wellbeing of tamariki paramount. Our health promotion kaupapa is portrayed by pēpi sleeping safely in the wahakura and Māmā breastfeeding in a smokefree community.

The image depicts a re-indigenised world. Te Puawaitanga ki Ōtautahi Trust’s branding is reflected in the colour palette of the image. The Trust’s values are embedded throughout:

  • Whanaungatanga – whānau groupings of flora and fauna
  • Manaakitanga – Tāua caring for her moko hanging in the tree
  • Wairuatanga – tīpuna represented as whetū, oriori being sung
  • Kotahitanga – paddling the mōkihi together
  • Rangatiratanga – peer support of māmā building their own mokihi
  • Aroha – māmā breastfeeding
  • Rapuora – taonga puoro, safe sleeping
  • Puawaitanga – learning new skills and weaving the pathway

Ko te whakakitenga / Our vision

Safe, healthy, stable and connected whānau securing positive futures for all generations.

Ko te uaratanga / Our mission

We enhance the health and wellbeing of Māori/women and their whānau to achieve their aspirations.

Ko ngā uara

Our values

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Healthy communities, hauora, and self-care
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Respect, generosity and care for others
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Belonging, respectful relationships and whakapapa
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Mauri ora and balance
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Unity, togetherness and collective action
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Integrity, leadership, advocacy and cultural identity
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Growth, development and empowerment
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Love, compassion and empathy

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