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While I was pregnant, the idea of breastfeeding terrified me. I had heard of how hard it can be and being a single mother, I was fearful of how my journey would go. Never the less I was determined to breastfeed my daughter.

Once she was here feeding in itself didn’t take long to establish, and although it wasn’t easy- my daughter took to the breast well with a bit of time.

I had heard mothers talk about the loneliness that came along with 2am feeding sessions, but soon began to realise those moments were the ones where I felt least alone. During the day I was by myself with my baby, trying to keep on top of housework and my University studies- but at 2am when I had no work on my mind, being able to be in the moment with my daughter was the best feeling.

She is now eight months old and loves to feed. It has gone from propped up pillows and awkward positions to natural ease. She is at that age where if i look at her while we feed, she takes and second to pop off and smile at me. Reminding me instantaneously of why I stuck to this journey.

Breastfeeding now has its new challenges as we navigate school and feeding, but it is welcomed as we always figure it out. As I write this while my daughter is sick, I’m thankful for this journey allowing me to give her the best thing to help her through it all.