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I am so grateful to breast feed my daughter.  Breastfeeding is like a magical-mama-super-power. We can nourish and nurture our children with our own bodies!

Breastfeeding gives our babies all the nutrients they need to grow, it adapts as they do and responds to their changes like something truly magical. When I stop to think about it, I’m in awe of my body and the relationship I have with my daughter on so many levels.

I hadn’t given much thought to breastfeeding prior to motherhood, and, bar that initial toe-curling excruciation, I’ve been incredibly fortunate that it all came fairly easily for us. My midwife had faith in me, and that instilled a faith in myself and my baby to work it out together in those early days where growth and nutrient intake are the initial focus.

These days, I see how valuable breastfeeding is for the connection, the regulation, the grounding that it also provides. I see how it gives her opportunity to choose, to acknowledge herself and assert her needs. I see how much comfort it brings her and feel her whole body ease with release as she feeds.

I am astounded how she can go days and nights without breastfeeding while she visits her dad, and then come home to me and pick up where she left off without fault.

She’s 3.5 now. I never anticipated breastfeeding this long, and thought she would have weaned herself already, but I see how much it means to her and what a confidant, independent, wise, empathetic child she is. It hasn’t been super smooth sailing (the gymnastic stage is tough folks, and the twiddling can feel unbearable), but the benefits far outweigh the costs.  Breastfeeding has meant I’ve been able to sleep peacefully, know I’m physically and emotionally nurturing my baby and has given us such a solid foundation for our relationship as mother and child.

She feeds much less now, and I trust that we’ll eventually stop, but for now I sit with gratitude, for my body, for hers and for the gift we’ve been given in being able to share this together.