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Motherhood and breastfeeding have been a journey of great sacrifice and fatigue along with immense joy. I started my journey of motherhood like most mothers to be, with nervous but excited anticipation. I have had epilepsy since the age of ten and have been on anti- epileptic medications since then. These medications cause me to have less energy and also increase the risk of birth defects. The medication which I take classed my pregnancy as high risk.

I wondered how I would cope with motherhood and the sleep deprivation. I hoped that my baby would be healthy. My faith really kept me strong during this time. My son was born completely healthy- super healthy in fact, 4.53kg and 57cm- the size of 6 week old!

After an emergency C-section my milk took longer to come in, during this time midwifery staff told me that my milk might not come in. I felt so disappointed, breastfeeding was one of the parts of motherhood I was really looking forward to, bonding with and nurturing a new life, that was what I wanted. When it finally came in I was overjoyed! Thus began my breastfeeding journey. After learning how to breastfeed both my son and I were away, a smooth journey which lasted 13 months. My boy slept reasonably well and although I struggled with fatigue the joy of watching my son grow, his smiles and laughing melted my heart and made it all worth it.

Since having my son I have had two more children, a girl and a boy and both have been healthy. I breastfed my daughter for over two years and I am currently on a breastfeeding journey with my 8 month old. I sometimes experience overwhelming fatigue but with the immense support of my Husband and the rewards of motherhood I am able to continue. Hearing my children playing happily when I wake up in the morning or watching my son feeding contently, his chubby little soft hand resting on my breast, being nurtured, fed and loved, these are the sort of moments that make motherhood worth it.