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My breastfeed experience  started 6 years ago with my first child. I always dreamed of the perfect scenario of having a normal labour and breastfeed straight away. But with a premature son I could not. He had to go to the NICU and was not able to suck my breast properly. I started to manually collect the colostrum for my son to have it through the tube and after 2 days I managed to use the electric pump –  I  would do anything to give my son what i believed was best for him.  In 2 more days, he was able to finally suck my breast enough to get off the tube.

At the beginning it was not so easy as I thought. Not knowing if the he was doing it right as my breast was getting sore, he was having lots of colic and reflux which it made him hurt my nipples so many times during the feeding. But we got through all of it, and I could feed him for the whole 2 years I always dreamed to.

Now, with my daughter things are much easier. She was breastfed as soon as she was born and it was one of the best moment of my life. I plan to feed her for 2 years as well.

I never had problems on breastfeeding in public places, I am not ashamed of that and would fight for that right.