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I’ve been tandem feeding my two daughters for the last 8 months. My oldest is 3 years old now and since then I’m collecting some of the most beautiful moments of us together and dealing with very challenging ones too.

I don’t know personally any other mum that has been tandem feeding your kids and I chose to face this challenge learning by practicing. I thought that my oldest daughter would have weaned during my pregnancy but she hadn’t shown any sign that it would be. Then, when my second baby girl was born and the milk came again, the oldest was the happiest kid in town. She even put some weight on! And I’ve heard so many times that was time to wean because she needed some limits… So, I’ve been looking for information about it on FB pages and by the time I was pregnant with my midwife too.

What was a big challenge at the beginning became our lovely Breastfeeding routine. Kisses, games, hands together, very long eye contacts, assigned boobs… many moments of them bonding.

A memorable moment was when my 3 yo helped her baby sister to re-latch again pushing my boob against her sister’s face. It was beautiful.

However, after 8 months of this beautiful journey I’m feeling exhausted of bf my girls many times in a day. I feel I need more space for me and baby now and I’m talking to my daughter about my feelings towards breastfeeding her. It’s definitely not an easy time for us but I believe with love and lots of talkings we will find our way.

I’ve learnt by experience that every baby has its particularities when feeding, what works for one doesn’t for the other and it makes the breastfeeding a huge challenge that can be overcome through family and friends support, love and patience. The reward is in front of you saying: mum can I have more milk please! ♥️