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No one really undermined us at the hospital. We then went to a primary birthing unit and that was tough but helpful. All of the midwives wanted to help so badly that they insisted on their technique and style. They were mostly rough – I wonder why.  In your mind you know the baby is tough and can handle a bit of manhandling, but to see it happening – when she’s so tiny. It was hard and I was ready to go home.

The best part of breastfeeding was recovery was quick.  And lockdown happened not long after she was born.  We went on hikes in the hills almost daily.  It was great not having to carry much more than a nappy and a small cloth.

One day, we were lost on the way back from a walk.  The track seemed narrower than the way out, but we figured we were heading in the right direction.

Then the baby started crying as she was hungry. With my back pressed against the hill I fed Koa.  We put her back in the pack and off we went back home with a happy and full baby.